Joshua Conley

Joshua Conley

Executive Director

Joshua grew up in Nebraska, went to college in Louisiana, and then lived 9 years in Montgomery, AL before choosing Memphis as home. #choose901

While in Louisiana, Joshua realized three things: he was 15 hours away from home, he was miserably hot and sweaty, and he couldn't understand a word anyone said. With the love and support of a community of people, Joshua came to see the power of connection and how small acts of hospitality and generosity can have eternal impacts. Wanting to practice the same hospitality and generosity that impacted his life, Joshua has worked as a coach, in community development, and education long enough that his facial hair has turned from an amazing reddish brown to a seasoned whitish grey.

Joshua met his amazingly gracious wife, Ava, while in Montgomery, and has almost thirteen years of practicing how to apologize and learning to listen.
It was through Ava's encouragement that their family began their foster care adventure and since that time they have welcomed many foster children into their home, recently adopted their daughter Journey through foster care, and have walked alongside other foster families helping to navigate the ebbs and flows of choosing to say yes to children and families in need. 

Joshua is excited to take on the role of Executive Director, and whether you need him or his family to be one of the animals in the crowd cheering or to be your Rafiki on the edge of Pride Rock, he looks forward to walking with the families and children of Shelby County to create a community that is well connected, equipped, and advocated for!
(also, his daughter's favorite movie is The Lion King)

Phone: 337-501-0966